The Unique Manuka Factor

Manuka Honey for Health

For generations, honey has not only been used as a natural sweetener, but also for its powerful healing properties. The most powerful honey of them all is manuka honey- a honey sourced from the manuka tree here in New Zealand.

Over the past couple of decades, the beneficial properties of manuka honey have become widely known, benefitting millions worldwide. At Ctomi, we value the power of manuka honey, which is why we use it in several of our functional skincare products.

The nutritional makeup of manuka honey is a lot more concentrated in comparison with multiflora honeys. Manuka honey contains significant concentrations of methylglyoxal and hydrogen peroxide, the two main actives that give manuka honey its antibiotic and antibacterial reputation. Medical grade manuka honey can be directly applied to cuts and wounds, while other manuka honey products help to moisturize, heal and protect your skin.

High in multiple flavonoids, manuka honey can help with inflammation. Manuka honey has been shown to inhibit the activity of arachidonic acid- the main cytokine that stimulates inflammation. In addition to this, manuka honey also inhibits the infiltration of immune cells that aggravate inflammation. Manuka honey is also excellent for oral health, in particular providing beneficial support to swollen or infected gums.

A national treasure, manuka honey’s impressive nutritional profile boasts a host of internal and external benefits for people of all ages. Manuka honey can be found in our POWER Muscle Rub and Repair, PROPOLIS PROTECTION Toothpaste and HEAL Manuka Honey Skin Repair products, all of which are available online for purchase now.

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